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Kelly Austin



My name is Kelly, I'm a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner, Registered Nurse and Midwife, mum and wife. 

I first heard about Hypnobirthing when I was a student nurse and I was intrigued, I put it into the back of mind.  Once I graduated I went into highly medicalised fields, primarily working within Oncology and general medicine. I went on to do Post Graduate Midwifery and again found myself working in a high risk tertiary environment. I love it, I love medicine and I love high risk! But, I started to notice a scary trend, women were transferred to us for specialised care and all of a sudden their birth wishes and desires were relinquished, not because we said they had to but because they felt helpless. I began my attempts to ‘normalise’ my labouring women, exchanging out all the wired CTG’s for telemetry monitoring. Moving the beds to side of the room and using bean bags and birth balls next to the IV stands. Introducing aromatherapy, dim lighting and music into my rooms. I tried anything to give these women back the things they wanted for their birth but felt they had lost when intervention was required. I needed these women to see that just because their birth journey had taken a detour, it didn’t mean they were no longer in control. 

Then, December 2014 I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I was excited and terrified because for the past 4 years all I had seen was high risk, medical intervention and emergencies. My husband is a paramedic, his experience of ‘normal birth’ was attending homebirths gone wrong and transfers out of small hospitals with traumatised women needing specialised maternity care in a tertiary facility. We needed to normalise birth again, remind ourselves that my body knew exactly what it was doing and we were going to have a healthy baby in our arms at the end of this pregnancy. 

We did the Hypnobirthing Australia course and it was the best decision we made, my husband now uses some of the techniques when he’s out on the road! I had a tough pregnancy with hyperemesis, recurrent pyelonephritis and threatened preterm labour at 29 weeks but through the whole time I loved being pregnant, I was bonded to the bump and when the big day came we took each twist and turn of the experience in our stride! Despite the partial abruption and PPH I had an incredible birth and we have a beautiful Hypnobub. After my experience I couldn’t keep Hypnobirthing to myself, I need to share it with other families and show them that hypnobirthing is for everyone and personally I think it is even more important for women who aren’t having a straight forward pregnancy and might require intervention, I want to show women that no matter what, you can always be in control of you own journey.